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smarter future11-09-2018 19:47 BJTHANGZHOU

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wed as the stuff of science fiction, have come into reality.At the Light of Internet Expo held during the WIC▓, a model of cashier-less fruit grocery, powered by visu▓al identification technology of ArcSoft Inc., uses a number of cameras to identify the fruits chosen by▓ customers, allowing them to grab goods and check out on their own.The foldable smartphone with two▓ 7.2-inch flexible screens produced by Visionox Co., can be flipped open like a book or folded to fit into one's pocket.Chinese tech giant Baidu also showcased its newly developed ▓self-driving bus named Apolong at the expo.Without a steer▓ing wheel,

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ina is moving forward t▓o t he new era of digital economy and technological advanc es. And Wuzhen has been at the cente r of this inno vation▓.Hel d from Nov. 7 to 9 i n Wuzhen, this yea r'▓s conferen ce aims to advoc ate exchanges,▓ mutual learning, co operation and sharing in the digi▓tal fie lds and to push fo r peace and develo pme▓nt of the 开阳县5G 昭觉县5G 汨罗市5G 顺昌县wap 涉县5G 濉溪县wap 汉源县5G 大邑县wap 静海县wap 青州市wap 阳谷县wap 喀喇沁旗wap 泾县5G 涿州市wap 赫章县5G 南雄市5G 宣恩县wap 永胜县wap 化州市5G 峨山彝族自治县wap 传奇私服微端版本 传奇私服单机版下载 微端传奇私服新开区网站 传奇私服离线泡点 求长久稳定传奇私服 传奇私服攻击加速 传奇私服单机版架设教程 传奇私服手游哪个好玩 传奇私服中变开服网 传奇私服random详解